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Cast and Crew Unveiled:> JACK ZOLLO – My Life in Crime: 

John Kiriamiti

JACK ZOLLO – My life in crime:

Feature Film?Based on three novels written by John Kiriamiti

  • My Life in Crime
  • My Life with a Criminal
  • My Life in Prison


Produced by Janet Kirina, Neil Schell and Lucy Chodota?

Screenplay written by Serah Mwihaki, Loyce Kareri?

Directed by Neil Schell

  • Jim Iyke as Jack Zollo
  • Janet Kirina as Millie?
  • Abubakar Mwenda as G.G.
  • Melvin Alusa as Captain
  • Ainea Ojiambo as Luke?
  • Jeff Koinange as Daniel Mobi
  • Lenana Kariba as Kamande
Give your views on local productions

Give your views on local productions

  • Jenny Pont, Line Producer
  • Jim Bishop, Camera
  • Ledama Sempele, 1st Assistant Director
  • Mercy Mkaiwawi, Editor
The filming rights for these novels were secured by Kirina Productions from East African Educational Publishers in February of 2011 and scripting began immediately.? The script has been worked and reworked with the 7th draft being completed in late 2012.? Now that the budget has been fully laid out by line producer Jenny Pont of Pontact Productions in Nairobi. We are going to start shooting in September of this year.
It is a huge achievement to get this point in the production and we are pleased to be able to announce to the press and the public the key players in this production here at the Tribe Hotel.
We are thankful to our sponsors for this event – The Tribe Hotel, Heineken, and East African Educational Publishers.?Special thanks to John Kiriamiti and his family for their blessings and guidance to our production.
Associate Producers:
  • Ainea Ojiambo
  • Grayson Gurnsey
  • Sheldon LeLievre
  • Rob Colwell
  • Ron Tweddle
  • Pim DeWit
  • Robert Jenkins
  • Dirk Kam
  • John Blokland


Ainea Ojiambo

Ainea Ojiambo

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