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65th Lola Kenya Screen film forum INVITATION

Press Release: Kenya has been a powerhouse in athletics since the 1968 Mexico City Olympics yet those outside athletics circles don’t know much about how these runners get to the top of their craft. But you no longer have to worry about that. FROM GUN TO TAPE, a 48-minute documentary that explores the human side of the making of ...Full Article

Nollywood Blockbuster Last Flight To Abuja finally lands online via Distrify

Last Flight to Abuja the blockbuster airplane disaster thriller from multi-award winning Nollywood filmmaker Obi Emelonye is now finally available to be watched online anywhere in the world on ...Full Article

BUNI TV CELEBRATES: 1st anniversary with 500,000 unique visitors

Buni TV ( is celebrating its one year anniversary today and announcing that the platform has reached 500,000 unique visitors and 2 million views since it launched in April ...Full Article

BUNI TV Releases new, exclusive comedy series

Buni TV (, the fast-growing video-on-demand site for African content, is releasing its first comedy series produced exclusively for the platform.Full Article

Inaugural Spanner Breakfast – Nairobi Half Life Crew and Cast

You probably watched Nairobi Half Life, bought a t-shirt (well! maybe not) and you would like to throw in a spanner to the works. Creatives Garage invites you for ...Full Article

Where are the movies?

I went to a movie stall in the CBD quite recently in search of a good Kenyan movie. I had some recommended titles at the back of my mind ...Full Article

150% Attendance increase at DISCOP AFRICA establishes the continent as the worl’ds fastest growing digital entertainment market place

LOS ANGELES, 6th November — Basic Lead, the Los Angeles-based organizers of DISCOP AFRICA, announced record breaking attendance for the 7th annual edition of the television content market and ...Full Article

American Documentary Film Festival and Film Fund

AMERICAN DOCUMENTARY FILM FESTIVAL AND FILM FUND Palm Springs, California – USA| April 4 to 8, 2013 In the Spotlight today is the 2nd Annual American Documentary Film Festival and Film ...Full Article

Film can bring significant returns to Kenya | Foreword Note

The potential of film and creative arts industry is in excess of Ksh 40 billion. Further, the industry is capable of providing employment to more than 250,000 Kenyans, bringing ...Full Article

Production Republic – U FILM IT Award Giving Ceremony

Production Republic, an upcoming online directory for Kenya’s film production and creative industry, has been running the first ever mobile phone film contest in Kenya  dubbed “U film It” ...Full Article